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SWOT analysis of STEM-physics

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Space Medium

How from the existence of space fields in physics STEM-physics implies the reality of a space medium. Furthermore, how it claims its electromagnetic nature.

Official physicists desperately search for hypothetic particles that could explain space fields and forces, although evidence shows that space fields surround particles and exist independently of them.

Follow the logical explanations of Synergetics in few steps:

  1. How fields have been deduced by physicists.

  2. How official physics is misled by an empty vacuum.

  3. What can be inferred from the existence of space fields.

  4. Why Synergetics claims the electromagnetic nature of the space medium

The Physical Fields as specific properties of Space

Since the famous Newton formula, which established the relationship between Mass and Gravity Forces, physicists have discovered the existence of fields that obviously characterize the surrounding space.

Understanding the relationship between Force, Energy and Fields.

Although the different laws of Mechanics have been taught for more than two centuries, it seems that physicists still confuse the notions of force, work of force and potential energy. The used formulization has prevented physicists to understand the essential role of space medium that occurs through physical fields.

Why Official Physics ignore Space Medium: the Bug from where all began

The most surprising about official physics is its ability to go on upon its bad assumptions and to end up with contradictory results. On that way, corrupted interpretation has become the art to tell us tales. For example, space was supposed empty but it is now fulfilled with a tight tissue of neutrinos.

From Maxwell's equations to Synergetics medium

How Maxwell's equations explain the very surprisingly nature of space medium. This electromagnetic medium is made of ubiquitous electric and magnetic fields and also has wave properties: propagation and resonance.