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SWOT analysis of STEM-physics

As for any new initiative, it is wise to analyse the many aspects that the processes of promoting, advocating, experiencing and developing this new theory can involve.

Bibliographie de R.L Vallée

Ancien ingénieur du CEA de Saclay, diplômé de l'école supérieur d'électricité (SUPELEC).

About Buddha

A short tribute and apologize to Buddha...

About Buddha

A short tribute and apologize to Buddha...

We should mention how Buddhism philosophy amazingly brings up a model of universe that is close to the one of STEM-Physics and how Buddha's thought is a great source of inspiration to whom wants to understand the reality of things.

Therefore a Buddha statue is used in many of our schemas in order to suggest the concept of stationary inertial frame.
This symbol has been choosen because meditating Buddha represents:

  • Stability

  • Persistence

  • Radiative Energy

  • Structure and harmony

  • Ubiquity of consciousness

We would be sorry if someboby has been hurt by the usage of that picture in our Web site, because our intent is absolutely not to be outrageous towards buddhism and buddhist people.

Respectfully Yours.