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SWOT analysis of STEM-physics

As for any new initiative, it is wise to analyse the many aspects that the processes of promoting, advocating, experiencing and developing this new theory can involve.

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Ancien ingénieur du CEA de Saclay, diplômé de l'école supérieur d'électricité (SUPELEC).

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As we discussed in a precedent chapter, space medium is weaved with electromagnetic energy. Furthermore we stated that fields carry energy from an inextinguishable potential. How this energy is spread over space, how much is it dense and how is it tied to gravitation?

We should first review the so-called relativistic formula of energy which doesn't need relativity to be demonstrated. Furthermore, E = m.c2 means many more than an equivalence between mass and energy.

Synergetics brings up a consistent model for physics by considering first energy density throughout space

  1. The synergetics meaning of E = m.c2

  2. The distribution of space energy and the stationary inertia frame concept

  3. The stemming explanation of gravitation

  4. STEM-thermodynamics

Electromagnetic E = mc2

One more time, facts are proving STEM-Physics' claim.
Although the electromagnetic origin of the famous formula has been obviously demonstrated by Poincaré, Hasenörl and Planck, an intricate fate attributed the formula to Einstein's relativity which rapidly blurred its connection with electromagnetism.

As though everything has been orchestrated to hide the obvious evidence to public

The pervasive energy of space

The electromagnetic pervasive synergy of space carries out potential energy from physical fields. Moreover, it explains the inertia.
The average density of synergy in space reveals to be fantastic; it is evaluated to 2.10+20 J/m3 .

The fabulous density of space energy: how is it computed?

Now, you understand how electromagnetic energy fulfills space and you know that an absolute amount of energy can be evaluated in a stationary inertial medium. There is a way to compute the space density of synergy.

Gravitation explained

Neither space-time curvature nor other weird concepts, the explanation is simple and obvious. Just take a few minutes to read it and many hours to meditate on it.