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Why Official Physics ignore Space Medium: the Bug from where all began

The most surprising about official physics is its ability to go on upon its bad assumptions and to end up with contradictory results. On that way, corrupted interpretation has become the art to tell us tales. For example, space was supposed empty but it is now fulfilled with a tight tissue of neutrinos.

The pseudo-science bug of interpretation

The emptiness of vacuum has already been reconsidered through the remaining temperature of space, the quantum energy of the vacuum, the high density of neutrinos, the Zero Point Energy and so on... Nevertheless physics can't really be consistent whithout really thinking again over the emptiness of vacuum and relativity.
Relativity has been engendered from a pseudo-science bug of interpretation; a sort of deep-rooted mental virus that persists in the thought of physicists and that propagates along universities. Furthermore that virus is itself stemming from the Newton's ether hypothesis which is born at the dawn of modern physics.

The Newton's ether

During the 19th century, physicists attempted to validate the Newton's ether and used it to elaborate the mathematical models of the main branches of physics. That ether was a sort of mechanical structure made of microscopic and invisible joined particles. It also constitutes an absolute reference frame ot the universe in which every motions refer to. Maxwell particularly designed its equations, an effective model that unifies and describes Electromagnetic, on the basis of this hypothesis.
In the aftermath of Maxwell's equations breakthrough, the measuring propagation of electromagnetic waves and light could be a mean to surely evaluate this hypothesis.
In that case, the speed of light should be influenced by the motion of earth in the ether. It is to say that a lower speed was awaited in the direction of the speed of the earth in space. The famous Michelson & Morlay's experiment however demonstrated that the speed of light is identical in any direction.
Thus, the Newtown's ether has been fairly discarded. In the contrary, these results don't prove that speed of light is a universal constant.

In other words, two flawed hypothesis succeeded: the Mental Virus Bug of Relativity took the place of the Newton's hypothesis of ether.

  • Before Michelson & Morlay, space is made of a mechanical ether - a sort of structure of microscopic and invisible joined particles in which pushing and pulling could explain the fields'forces and the light propagation in vacuum.

  • After Michelson & Morlay, space without matter is completely empty. Nothing can therefore influence light propagation. Thus speed of light is a universal constant and any moving frame can pretend to be a reference frame ( read more on that subject ). From this point of view, the interpretation of physics lost reason because the curvature of space-time has been the only solution to explain why planets change the trajectory of light.

The fact is then scandalous but real: very serious scientists have felt into the trap of a binary logic. As though Physics could be restrained to only two hypotheses - proving 1 is false makes 2 true.

Yet up to now, no experiment proves the emptiness of space.

STEM-Physics brings up a consistent ether hypothesis,