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From Maxwell's equations to Synergetics medium

How Maxwell's equations explain the very surprisingly nature of space medium. This electromagnetic medium is made of ubiquitous electric and magnetic fields and also has wave properties: propagation and resonance.

How Electromagnetism defines space properties

The four Maxwell's equations represent the behavior of electromagnetism at a macroscopic level in a homogeneous area of space. Although these equations can also apply on matter, their simplified formula in vacuum defines the intricate relationship between both electric and magnetic fields' vectors.

A short sight on Maxwell's equations

E: electric field vector
ε: electric capacitivity of space
H: magnetic excitement field vector
μ: magnetic permeability of space.

  • Expressions (e1) and (h1) means that any local perturbation of fields' flows are not allowed in space. According divE represents a density of charge; no charge is expected in vacuum. Electric and Magnetic flows are also conservative in space.

  • Expression (e2) means that any rotation of electric field is associated to a time variation of magnetic field. An electric coil can then create a magnetic field and a magnet in linear motion creates electricity in a coil.

  • Expression (h2) inversely means that any rotation of the magnetic field is associated to a time variation of electric field. A turning magnet can thus create electricity in a wire and a changing current creates a magnetic field around it.

The wave property of electromagnetism

Nothing new for the below well-known equation of propagation that comes out from Maxwell's equations.

  • The quantity Ψ can be either the electric or the magnetic field.

  • (w1) is the universal equation of propagation that comes out from a combination of equations (e2) and (h2).

  • A speed of wave propagation is deduced form (w1). This speed, as expressed in (w2), depends on the electromagnetic properties of the medium. It is then rather not devoted to be a constant.

Note that the general solution of space propagating waves is given by (w3). The wave length l can take any value from infinite to zero. It is to say that very large waves, such as radio waves, and very tiny waves, such as those which have the size of an elementary particle and beyond, are possible solutions.

Note again that waves similarly propagate in space and time. This can be understood by considering (w3) in which d is a displacement along space and c.t a similar displacement along time. According Synergetics hypothesis, which considers the space medium as an electromagnetic one, and because wave laws merge time and space coordinates, physicists have imagined a unified space-time. Nevertheless time remains consistent and can't be assimilated to length.

The Synergetics space medium

Nothing can stop the propagation of electromagnetic waves in empty space. Therefore, STEM-Physics fairly supposes that electromagnetic waves are ubiquitous by waving along and weaving in space.

A complicated wave medium

A wave medium is very complicated to be modeled by strict mathematics although quantum mechanics have done a great breakthrough in this domain. Lot of signals can mix and overlap at different frequencies, other waves can vanish in space or burst out from vacuum. You can roughly imagine a kind of turbulent ocean.

Gamma-Ray Bursts

They are sudden flows of high energy electromagnetic waves that come out from space without known reason. This actual observation obviously confirms the Synergetics main hypothesis.

The Synergetics main hypothesis consists of a space medium weaved by overlapping waves. Due to wave properties, many immaterial phenomena can independently occurs in the same place at the same time if they are of different frequencies. The key of Synergetics claim is then to understand that known frequency phenomena are modulated on the energy density of much higher electromagnetic frequency waves.

Universe is consistent

We can first claim that, due to electromagnetism ubiquity, the same laws must apply everywhere in the infinite universe.
Second, our tohu-bohu medium could have turn into definitive chaos. However the existence of organized matter reveals that some order and stability can settle among that violent medium. Resonance is the only mechanism that provides persistence and stability to waves. We can consequently conclude that resonance is responsible of matter stability in space medium.
Each piano string is designed to support the specific resonance corresponding to its musical note. By analogy with piano, universe would vibrate on a universal keyboard, where each quantum of stable matter, from electron up to the heaviest atom, vibrates in resonance on the same frequency everywhere.