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SWOT analysis of STEM-physics

As for any new initiative, it is wise to analyse the many aspects that the processes of promoting, advocating, experiencing and developing this new theory can involve.

Bibliographie de R.L Vallée

Ancien ingénieur du CEA de Saclay, diplômé de l'école supérieur d'électricité (SUPELEC).

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STEM-Physics remains unachieved and many fields of research need development. There is an enumeration of the domains that must be elaborated and primarily in physics.

René-Louis Vallée, its author, is now 80+ years old ; he would therefore be happy to know his work pursued.

Don't accept to be misled by the dogmatism of relativity. Thus official physicists:

  • still refuse to reconsider the flawed relativity and the emptiness of vacuum

  • have obtained quite fewer results in 50 years than they could have had with the Synergetics point of view

  • haven't yet resolve the waves particles dualism

  • try to escape their dead end with ever more complicated math

  • and lost any ability to provide a consistent and physically understandable model

As a consequence of this blindness, governments' budgets for fundamental physics will still continue to dramatically decrease. There is no gain to follow them!

As a logical extension of Quantum Mechanics, STEM-Physics promises tremendous new excitements for a renewed physics

  1. A mathematical tool must be developed in order to correctly model the non-linear wave medium

  2. Large parts of physics remain unexplored by STEM-physics, it's time to start new researches as well experimentally than theoretically

  3. Other domains of science are also involved

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The remaining questions and the unexplored domains of physics...

Science and Philosophy

Synergetics implies other great questions and discoveries...