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Equivalent or not Equivalent Reference Frames?
Because inertia is not relative depending on where motions are observed: from a point tied to the earth or from a moving frame, does Synergetics reconsider the question of Reference Frames for Physics.

Discover the complete explanation in 3 steps below:

  1. Why a reference frame should be considered

  2. Where does the issue of relativity comes from

  3. How Synergetics brings up consistency

Frame issue

The equivalence principle of Relativity abolished any definition of a reference frame. However, we must reconsider this assumption in order to take into account the phenomena of Inertia.

Misled understanding of frame

Before Relativity, the Newtown's hypothesis of ether considered a unique and universal reference frame in which every motion were absolutely referring to.
Because of the Michelson & Morlay's experiment any notion of reference frame has been discarded.

Synergetics resolves frame issue

Synergetics hypothesis claims the existence of an electromagnetic medium in which light is propagating as a wave phenomena. This hypothesis is not contradictory with the Michelson & Morlay's results.