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About Buddha

A short tribute and apologize to Buddha...

Frame issue

The equivalence principle of Relativity abolished any definition of a reference frame. However, we must reconsider this assumption in order to take into account the phenomena of Inertia.

Einstein's most famous explanation consists of two observers: one on a moving train considering one another remained on a station platform. Each of them is considering the other with a same relative speed value. However if the train forcefully brakes, is it the train passenger who is thrown forward or is it the platform's observer who is rejected backward?

Reconsider this experiment by introducing our example: a car running in front of a Buddha statue.

A frame is represented by the running car, another frame by the heavy meditating Buddha linked to the earth.
The car driver sees the Buddha statue with a relative speed of VBuddha. Inversely Buddha contemplates the car passing away with a relative speed of Vcar.
Both speeds are obviously equals and relativity consequently claims that both frames are equivalent. Thus both of them can be considered as a reference frame.

In case of braking, the car is obviously submitted to the inertia, not the buddha. Who does loose its energy and momentum, the car or the Buddha statue? From this point of view it is difficult to still claim that both frames are equivalent.
To obtain a relative experiment, in order to submit Buddha to the same inertia, the statue might have been accelerated up to the speed of the car. However, because Buddha is linked to the earth it would represent far far far more energy than this used to brake the car. There is still not relativity.
Consequently the equivalence principle of relativity is undoubtedly inapplicable, serious and official physicists should stride on their head to be able to validate such tales!!!

According inertia is neither symmetric nor relative when motions are observed from a frame linked to earth; Synergetics has to reconsider the definition of a reference frame for Physics.


(about the usage of Buddha symbol...)