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SWOT analysis of STEM-physics

As for any new initiative, it is wise to analyse the many aspects that the processes of promoting, advocating, experiencing and developing this new theory can involve.

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Synergetics resolves frame issue

Synergetics hypothesis claims the existence of an electromagnetic medium in which light is propagating as a wave phenomena. This hypothesis is not contradictory with the Michelson & Morlay's results.

Sound, which is a similar wave phenomena, has a speed of propagation that only depends on the properties of the air medium: roughly density and temperature. In the same way, photons are propagating consistently with the electromagnetic properties of the vacuum: electric capacitivity and magnetic permeability.

With Synergetics, an electromagnetic medium is associated to any physical system representing a frame. If these systems have similar electromagnetic properties, it is obvious that the observed speeds of light are equals.
It doesn't mean that vacuum is empty nor speed of light is a universal constant!

Inertia rather proves that frames are not equivalent. We can then claim that the medium linked to the earth's mammoth mass represents a relative reference frame for any phenomena that occurs in it. With Synergetics, electromagnetic media are constantly interacting and a surrounding medium is therefore dragged by each mass.
A decelerating car represents its own electromagnetic medium influenced by the one of the earth. The inertia that happens when accelerating or decelerating reveals then a direct relationship between the inertia forces and the electromagnetic nature of the medium.

In space, dominant masses influence the space medium: earth, sun system, galaxy and so on... Each of these masses represents a possible reference frame for physics phenomena at different scales.
Synergetics precisely defines the notion of reference frame. It is not the absolute ether introduced by Newtown, but any medium influenced in space by the most dominant mass inertia.

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