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SWOT analysis of STEM-physics

As for any new initiative, it is wise to analyse the many aspects that the processes of promoting, advocating, experiencing and developing this new theory can involve.

Bibliographie de R.L Vallée

Ancien ingénieur du CEA de Saclay, diplômé de l'école supérieur d'électricité (SUPELEC).

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Table of Contents


Go throughout the multiple aspects of the theory and get general explanations. This section is devoted to a large public and doesn't ask you to be an expert in physics.


Study Synergetics in details and read the 9 level courses. Genuinely written in French by the author of the theory, René-Louis Vallée, these courses have been translated and summarized to be regarded and learnt with the best efficiency.


A precise and consistent definition for each terms used and taught in Physics. Understand at last what is time, mass, energy, force, etc...


Get in touch with the latest results obtained with Synergetics.


There you can download additional articles that have been written, many of them are in French.
You'll particularly find a digital copy of "L'énergie Electromagnétique Matérielle et Graviationnelle" published in 1970 by René-Louis Vallée. This book is still considered as the foundation of STEM-Physics.


A tribute to any of those physicists who made Synergetics possible, Aspden, Debiesse, De Broglie, Heaviside, Johnson, Maxwell, Miller, Milikian, Poincaré, Tesla, etc. obviously understood the essential role of electromagnetism in space. We should also add Einstein, who misled himself by the emptiness of the space, used a space-time in its general theory of fields to describe what the behaviors of an amazing space medium are in fact.